About Us

What Is W.A.R.E.S.?

The Washington Railway Engineering Society (W.A.R.E.S.) is a longstanding organization of professionals with an interest in railway design, construction, operation, and maintenance. It provides networking opportunities for its members and raises scholarship money for students majoring in railway engineering.

Membership is free and voluntary. We would be happy to put you on our mailing list.

W.A.R.E.S hosts five dinner meetings each year, in October, December, February, March and April. Each meeting includes an interesting presentation by one of our members, or a guest. Our mailing list includes over 400 members. Typical attendance at meetings averages approximately 60 participants.

The October meeting usually is held at the Engineer’s Club of Baltimore. The other meetings usually are held at great restaurants in Washington, DC.

We also host a golf tournament in September at Musket Ridge Golf Club in Frederick County, MD.

Annual Sponsorships of $500.00 are solicited from companies engaged in the business which provide a fund for the scholarships awarded to railway engineering students.

We would appreciate your participation!